5 Days of Preservation

I’m posting this on behalf of Kevin Driedger, who has a blog called Library Preservation 2

“You are invited to join me in on a little summer-time project.

The activities that fall under the umbrella of preservation are vast, growing, and often have characteristics specific to individuals and institutions. I am interested in getting a better picture of what this broadening landscape looks like, and I’m hoping others are too.

Therefore, to create this picture I am inviting all who are willing and able to take at least one picture each day during the week of July 14-18 of what preservation looks like for you that day. It could be copying files off floppy disks, repairing a book, participating in a meeting, attending to a leaky roof, inspecting film reels, showing off a new piece of equipment, or however preservation looks to you that day. The more specific to you and your institution the better. And then share these pictures on your preferred social media with the hashtag #5DaysOfPreservation (Twitter and Instagram would be the preferred sites for sharing these pics, but other are fine.)

We tend to communicate primarily in text but I think a visual project like this might reveal nuances and ideas about preservation that we don’t find in our emails and articles.

My hope is that over the week we will develop a collage of what preservation looks like in 2014. The more people that participate the more detailed and expansive the portrait we create.

I will do what I can to connect or gather together all these pics on my personal blog http://librarypreservation2.blogspot.com

In summary:
5 days (July 14-18)
5 pictures