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To the macroscope, Batman! With the help of Bill  Archer of NDIFF Optical Microscopy Corps, Conservator Liz Dube and Kress Fellow Sue Donovan observed the leather on the Pico della Mirandola mystery-skin binding using the Nikon AZ100 macroscope in the Life Sciences building at Galvin Hall. This macroscope doesn’t have a particularly high zoom, allowing only about 8x, but it provides high-resolution, high-contrast images with a wide field of view, so we were very impressed with the quality and potential information of the photographs! We observed some very interesting patterns, but nothing conclusive as yet. The age of the leather, as well as the kind of tanning process, made it difficult to distinguish the grain of the skin or follicles, and our next step is to compare the macro photographs we took to other close-up images of animal leathers while we are waiting from news from the NYC Medical Examiner’s office!

In school we referred to this as “Taking it to the scope”.