It’s Fine Press Friday!

This week we present Sarah Bryant’s The Index produced in 2006 in an edition of 45 copies for her Big Jump Press while she was still an MFA student at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. With letterpress printed text using Caslon and Bell types, and images made from linoleum reduction blocks and polymer plates on Rives Heavyweight Buff paper, the book uses a form often referred to as a snake or maze structure. As each page is turned, the viewer progresses down through a skeletal frame from skull to toes. Along the way, there are “index’” marks that seem to be identifiers for specific references, but if one pays attention, you will note that when strung together the index letters form words or parts of words. Additionally, when those words are strung together, they form a sentence that describes the artist’s relationship to her own skeleton: “We spend all our time together.”

When the book is folded out entirely, it reveals a full 5’6” human skeleton, adapted from Mosby’s Atlas of Human Anatomy, surrounded by an outline of the artist herself. The text off to the side, also taken from Mosby’s Atlas, is a complete index of the female anatomy. The book itself is housed in a handmade, grey-linen, clamshell box.

Sarah Bryant currently lives in Hove, England, and is expecting her first child this summer (YAY!!). UWM Special Collections holds a comprehensive collection of Big Jump imprints with ten titles. We featured her award-winning book Biography in a post back in November 2014.  

Find The Index in the catalog here.