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We’ve recently upped our box making game, with a focus on making corrugated clamshell boxes for folio and oversize materials. As a result, we have tons and TONS of e-flute scraps.

I’ve used some of it up to make smaller boxes, and I’ve used some to make “bricks” that can be used to prop up items on display. But I still have a massive amount of scraps.  Anyone have ideas for how to use them up?

We recycle some scraps, but it feels like we are discarding a massive amount of board.  It’s not cheap, and I don’t want to get rid of stuff that might be useful.  I’d love ideas!,

Good question! We use scraps to make spacers and dividers for archival boxes (both flat and upright), but we’re still up to our ears in scrap as well. What do you think, conservators and tumblarians???

1) Give them to your local artist, or art students. 

2) Make a series of smaller and smaller boxes, and align them on your desk in descending order by size to impress your coworkers and friends.

3) Teach a box making workshop with them, but have participants make pint-sized boxes.

4) Locate a group of miniature books in your collection that could benefit from some housing.

5) Make book cradles, wedges, or other mounts for an exhibit or your reading room.

6) Use the skinny pieces to make dividers in boxes for groups of small objects, housed together.

7) Make a crown out of the scraps and declare that the conservation lab is now a sovereign territory, and you are its divine ruler and benevolent monarch.