Collection analysis projects & collection moves


My work beside the bench

When I’m not working at the bench, I’m often working on projects that involve collection analysis, streamlining workflows, moving collections, or otherwise getting myself involved with other projects that fit more in the “library science” realm of things. Here are some of the more notables projects that fit that bill.

Housing Solutions

Do you have a problem? Is that problem finding a housing (i.e. a box, folder, envelope, bag, etc) for something in your collection? Do you not want to spend hours pouring through four different vendor catalogs, trying to find the box that fits your item the best? Well, you’re in luck because I have the solution to your housing problem!

An automated system for creating conservation documentation

This is a tool that can quickly generate the minimum level of structured description and condition information needed for creating pre-treatment documentation. From this “skeleton” treatment proposal, additional information can be added manually, or it can be left as-is with only a little grammatical clean-up required to make it look like a human wrote it.