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Biographical information

The earliest known example of their work is from the year 1780and the latest is from the year 1844. They are known for working in the following styles: .

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"The Skelton family were stationers, printers, publishers, booksellers and owners of circulating libraries in the late 18th and 19th centuries. Their business lineage can be traced back to Thomas Skelton (c.1757-1816) through his widow Elizabeth (?1768-1841), daughters Mary Mabella (1783-1859) and Elizabeth (born 1785), sons William (1787-1828) and Thomas Henry (1800-56), daughter-in-law Elizabeth (died 1846) to his grandson Augustus Henry (1832-1904).

Thomas Skelton died at Springfield in Millbrook on 20 March 1816: according to the Hampshire Courier, 25 March 1816 he was suddenly taken ill when returning in his chaise from his farm. "He was a man who had been indefatigable in business, and was highly respected for his integrity". Thomas was buried in St Mary's five days later. The Southampton business, at 22 High Street, was carried on by his widow Elizabeth Batt Skelton and his two eldest daughters by his first marriage: Mary Mabella and Elizabeth, trading as E. Skelton and Co." Skelton Family History