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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

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A list of all pages that have property "Title" with value "Art and Architecture Thesaurus". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

    • Bookbinding and its auxiliary branches  + (Bookbinding and Its Auxiliary Branches)
    • Etherington  + (Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books : a Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology)
    • Commercial bookbinding  + (Commercial bookbinding)
    • Dizionario  + (Dizionario Illustrato Della Legatura)
    • Cloonan  + (Early Bindings in Paper: A Brief History of European Hand-Made Paper-Covered Books with a Multilingual Glossary)
    • Goethe  + (Glossary on Paper Conservation: English-german-chinese-korean = Glossar Papierrestaurierung : Englisch-Deutsch-Chinesisch-Koreanisch = Ying-De-Han-Han Zhi Zhang Xiu Fu Ci Hui Biao = Chiryu Pojon Ch'ŏri Yongŏ Sajŏn : Yŏngŏ-Togirŏ-Chunggugŏ-Han'gugŏ)
    • ICA  + (ICA Handbooks Series : Glossary of Basic Archival and Library Conservation Terms : English with Equivalents in Spanish, German, Italian, French and Russian)
    • ILAB  + (International League of Antiquarian Booksellers Glossary)
    • Kneep  + (Kneep en binding)
    • Notes on bookbinding for libraries  + (Notes on Bookbinding for Libraries)
    • Langwe  + (Papper Och Stygn)
    • Pub  + (Publisher's Practical Dictionary in 20 Languages =: Dictionnaire Pratique De L'édition En 20 Langues = Wörterbuch Des Verlagswesens in 20 Sprachen.)
    • Moth  + (Technical terms used in bibliographies and by the book and printing trade)
    • TestReference  + (Test Title)
    • Anagnostakis  + (The Anagnostakis Pocket Guide to Austrian German and Swiss Antiquarian Bookdealers Terminology)
    • Gacek  + (The Arabic Manuscript Tradition: A Glossary of Technical Terms and Bibliography)
    • British Bookmaker  + (The British Bookmaker)
    • Boudalis  + (The Codex and Crafts in Late Antiquity)
    • Ligatus Language of Bindings  + (The Language of Bindings Thesaurus)
    • Orne  + (The Languages of the Foreign Book Trade)
    • The RDF Schema vocabulary (RDFS)  + (The RDF Schema vocabulary (RDFS))
    • Ticketed Bookbindings from Nineteenth-Century Britain  + (Ticketed Bookbindings from Nineteenth-Century Britain)
    • CBBAG  + (Translation of Book Arts Terms, from English to French)
    • Muzerelle  + (Vocabulaire codicologique: répertoire méthodique des termes français relatifs aux manuscrits, avec leurs équivalents en anglais, italien, espagnol)
    • Nord  + (Vocabularium bibliothecarii nordicum)
    • Kuhn  + (Wörterbuch Der Handbuchbinderei Und Der Restaurierung: Von Einbänden, Papyri, Handschriften, Graphiken, Autographen, Urkunden Und Globen in Deutscher, Englischer, Französischer Und Italienischer Sprache.)
    • Zentarō  + (日・中・英対訳図書館用語辞典 = 日・汉・英对译的图书馆工作词汇 = Glossary of library terms in Japanese-Chinese-English)