Treatment of the “Journal of Health (1830)”

Information about this item

  • Date: September 7, 2007
  • Conservator: Suzy Morgan
  • Instructor: Chela Metzger
  • Call Number/Collection: Personal
  • Author: n/a
  • Imprint: Philadelphia, 1830
  • Title: Journal of Health, Volume 1
  • Collation/foliation: 50 double-folio sections, sewn three-on.
  • Format: Quarto
  • Dimensions (binding): H 22.4 x W 14.7 x T 3 (cm)
  • Dimensions (text block): H 21.7 x W 13.5 x T 2.7 (cm)


Bookplate on inside of recto board: Loganian Library.

Hannah L. Smith – born 1777-1846

“Hannah L. Smith” on first flyleaf. 

Ink inscription on top left of bookplate: “3328 1/2 O”

Ink inscription on top right of bookplate: “In”, and below image: “Bequest of Miss Mary Rebecca Darby Smith”.

Mary Rebecca Darby Smith (daughter of Hannah Logan Smith) 1814?-1886, was the author of the following books: Brief Memories of Departed Worth (1847), Oriental Pearls at Random Strung (1886), Leaves from the Past (1872), and Recollections of two distinguished persons: La Marquise de Boissy and the Count de Waldeck (1878)

Bibliographic Information

“Terminated after four volumes because the subscribers “failed to pay their arreages”

Wilson George Smillie’s Public Health, its Promise for the Future, 1976, p 402
  • Worldcat OCLC Number: 10368137 {Link to Record}
  • Available on Google Books {Read It}
  • Information about the Loganian Library collection in the Library Company of Philadelphia {Link}

Treatment Report



The tightback, full sheep, laced-case binding is in poor condition with both boards detached. There is evidence, in the form of brown acrylic paint at the joint edge of the upper board, of a previous repair. The spine is damaged and friable with partial loss of the gold-stamped label. The corners are abraded. The opening is restricted.


Margins of the textblock are yellowed but still flexible. Overall, the textblock is fairly clean with extensive foxing of the handmade wove paper. Recto endpapers are detached. Verso endpapers are detached and missing. Sewing holes are enlarged, with some loose signatures, especially first three signatures. The three-on sewing, on single sawn-in hemp cord supports, was too tight to determine until after the textblock was disbound. Endbands are still present, but the cord core of the tail endband has been exposed by the splitting of the textile wrap and was detached during examination.


The green textile endbands were found to be soluble in water.

Disbind and wash textblock.

Resew and rebind with new boards in full leather.
House in drop spine box.

Before Treatment

During Treatment

After treatment