Curiosity Corner

This is a loosely organized album of books, collections, and curiousites I’ve documented throughout my career as a conservation professional. Maybe you will find them interesting as well!

Previous repairs…

Observations on the attempts by previous patrons, owners, or conservators to repair books; the results varied in success.

Things I’ve found in books…

Insertions, inclusions, inscriptions, and/or “interesting” organic materials discovered between the covers.

Art I’ve appreciated

Artworks, in museums, on campus, and in the wild, that I have appreciated enough to photograph or film.

The videos below are of pieces that were displayed as part of the “Stigma” exhibit at ASU’s Harry Wood Gallery during March 2016.

Books I’ve found in paintings and sculpture…

Whenever I visit musuems, I like to take pictures of the books I’ve seen portrayed in various artworks.

Paintings from the collection of the University of Arizona Art Museum. I took these photographs in May 2016.

Trip to the Norton Simon Museum in California, November 2016.

Artworks from a trip to the Art Institute of Chicago in May 2017.

Detail from "The Four Saints"