“Blessed Art Thou Among Women” Artist’s Book

I created this binding in 2017, and it was shown as part of the “Blown Cover” show from 2-5-17 through 3-19-17 at the Burton Barr Library in Phoenix, AZ

To create this artist’s book, I modified a 19th century Bible (gifted to me by a family member), which had a very interesting piece of printer’s waste that had been used for the spine lining. The printer’s waste had the image of a well-to-do woman’s profile on it, with the fold of the original hollow perfectly aligned along the woman’s neck.

I embroidered the detached spine lining and the back of the textblock itself with gold colored acrylic thread and glass beads, and embellished it further with gold leaf paint and gold Sharpie markers.

I then reattached the spine to the boards along the back joint using Moriki tissue and wheat starch paste. I left it unattached at the front joint, so that the embroidered spine lining could still be viewed.