Crushed leather

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daglittet skind1NordNielsen, Torben. Vocabularium bibliothecarii nordicum. København, Bibliotekscentralen, 1968.preferred
deEcrasé-Lederstatus=preferredCitation needed!
nlgeplet leerCitation needed!preferred
svNedpressat skinnCitation needed!


"A leather which has been heavily pressed, causing the grain to be flattened, or crushed, thereby leaving a smooth, glazed, yet grained effect. Such leather has an unnatural appearance and is now seldom used in craft bookbinding."<ref name="Etherington">Roberts, Matt T. and Don Etherington. "Crushed". Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books, A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology. Conservation Online, 1994. Web. 29 March 2016.</ref> Crushed morocco, ==Translations==

Finnish: silonahka<ref name="Nord" />, status=preferred|source=Nord}}
{{Concept translation|language=fr|label=maroquin écrasé, [[-cylindré|status=preferred}} 
Italian: (translation needed)
  • Norwegian: [[glittet skinn|status=preferred|source=Nord}}

, ekrasert skinn<ref name="Nord" />, [[satinerat|status=preferred|source=Nord}}


  1. ^  Nielsen, Torben. Vocabularium bibliothecarii nordicum. København, Bibliotekscentralen, 1968.