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Dot Porter, Curator, Digital Research Services at the University of Pennsylvania Library, offers a video orientation to Penn Library’s LJS 189,  Zakhīrah-ʹi Khvārazmshāhī, by Ismāʻīl ibn Ḥasan Jurjānī. The manuscript was written in Persia in the 14th century, in Persian. It is a medical encyclopedia in 9 […]

Revolutionary Uses for Sheet Music

Revolutionary Uses for Sheet Music This book is part of a collection at the Charleston Library Society of Huguenot books and papers , which range from medieval manuscripts to mid-18th Century religious publications. This book happens to be a combination of both. Creative re-use! 

Medieval Manuscripts Alive

Medieval Manuscripts Alive

Making iron gall ink

Making iron gall ink Last week the graduate book students [of West Dean College in England] learned how to make iron gall ink, a common writing ink from the Middle Ages through the 20th century. It’s only made from a few relatively inexpensive ingredients but […]