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Some scenes from the move of our archives and special collections…

Some scenes from the move of our archives and special collections…

Some scenes from the move of our archives and special collections: empty shelves contrasted with full book trays on their way to offsite storage. My library will be undergoing a massive renovation early this coming year, and I am the one managing the logistics involved […]

Found in the archives and sealed with a kiss!

Found in the archives and sealed with a kiss!

While making photocopies of some moldy archives material, my student worker noticed that someone (presumably the person whose papers these are) had used this document to blot their lipstick. 💋💄

A clean sweep of a herbal

A clean sweep of a herbal

Cleaning in progress, with tools at the ready.

Today I’m working on a treatment that is basically the rare book equivalent of cleaning under the couch cushions. This 2-volume herbal was used by a previous owner as a plant press, and many leaves, flowers and other assorted plant parts were discovered in-between its pages by our special collections librarian.

The plants had already caused damage, such as acid-burn and staining, and also made it difficult for readers to handle or read this book. So we made the decision to remove the inserted plant matter. We photographed all of the pages with plants in them, then carefully removed all of the larger material. However, there were a lot of smaller plant pieces that got wedged down in the gutter of the pages, so I gathered up all of my favorite small tools and got down to work!

The majority of the pages were fairly easy to sweep clean with my soft squirrel-hair brush, but there were three that were literally FULL of dirt. Those took me almost 30 minutes each to clean out fully, using a combination of tools that included a dental scaler, microspatula, a stiff small brush and a mini-vacuum. While using the dental scaler I had to be very careful not to poke holes in the paper or get caught on the sewing thread, but it turned out to be a very useful tool indeed!

Before cleaning
After cleaning

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Today in the lab: encapsulating some vintage Star Wars posters with our Minter ultrasonic welder. Ps encapsulation is NOT the same thing as lamination.

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arccarleton: Mr. Bean shows us how to NOT look at a rare book in special collections libraries. I’ll ALWAYS reblog this. I <3 Mr. Bean! (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

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Taking some initial notes for the pre-treatment documentation for this 1979 Millennium Falcon toy. Mostly it just needs a better box, but some of the decals are lifting or already detached, and may need to be re-adhered with an appropriate adhesive. Documentation is VERY important in conservation, and was one of the first things they taught us how to do in my graduate degree program.

FREE! Photographic Process ID Charts

FREE! Photographic Process ID Charts Photograph Conservator, Gawain Weaver, has made available these handy and well-designed identification charts of 19th century photographic prints and photo-mechanical (lithography, collotypes, etc) processes! A great addition to any conservation lab, special collections reading room, or archives processing area! They […]

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Dot Porter, Curator, Digital Research Services at the University of Pennsylvania Library, offers a video orientation to Penn Library’s LJS 189,  Zakhīrah-ʹi Khvārazmshāhī, by Ismāʻīl ibn Ḥasan Jurjānī. The manuscript was written in Persia in the 14th century, in Persian. It is a medical encyclopedia in 9 […]

Coming Up: Caring for Books | Connecting to Collections Online Community

Coming Up: Caring for Books | Connecting to Collections Online Community

The gloves are off

The gloves are off In handling most archival documents gloves are more of a hindrance than a help and they can actually pose a threat. The main reasoning behind wearing gloves was to protect document surfaces from marks made by oily or sweaty hands. In […]