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The red velvet vampyre

The red velvet vampyre

About a month ago my lab moved temporarily from one campus to another. During the move out we unearthed many forgotten supplies, including some pieces of red velvet book cloth. Given that it’s probably not very “archival”, I was a little baffled as to why […]

Some scenes from the move of our archives and special collections…

Some scenes from the move of our archives and special collections…

Some scenes from the move of our archives and special collections: empty shelves contrasted with full book trays on their way to offsite storage. My library will be undergoing a massive renovation early this coming year, and I am the one managing the logistics involved […]

Found in the archives and sealed with a kiss!

Found in the archives and sealed with a kiss!

While making photocopies of some moldy archives material, my student worker noticed that someone (presumably the person whose papers these are) had used this document to blot their lipstick.


Pop-up book vampire dentistry

Pop-up book vampire dentistry

Sometimes being a book conservator means you have to do a little dental work on Dracula’s fangs.  This is a pop-up book that’s going into an upcoming exhibit in our library – unfortunately, one side of Dracula’s teeth had become detached and pushed back into […]

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Handled with care or roughly treated– books accept all kinds of love. (via likearegularbookworm) ಠ_ಠ LOVE YOUR BOOKS GENTLY, PEOPLE.

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A few weeks ago I asked for advice on how to make a box for our chained binding (see post here). The chain extends out from the lower board on the foredge, and the first link is fixed in place. In addition, the book has some beautiful brass clasps that would be happiest in a padded box.

I drew inspiration from a box made by Whitney Baker at the University of Kansas.

Here is the box I cam up with. It is a cloth clamshell with Volara foam padding. I cut a channel in the Volara in the bottom of the box, giving the chain a place to lay. I also added padding along the foredge of the box to keep the book from shifting. The padding on the foredge has cut outs to allow space for the clasps (which are wider at the bottom).

Nice box, and thanks for the follow-up!

Follow Friday for Preservation Week

Please reblog! Learn more about conservation and preservation by following these fine folks on Tumblr and other sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Vine, and blogs (link goes to a Google Doc spreadsheet). Are you a conservator or preservation professional? Are you a pre-program or graduate […]

Free Preservation 101 Textbook

Just in time for Preservation Week 2015, NEDCC is pleased to announce the online textbook for Preservation 101: Preservation Basics for Paper and Media Collections. This free resource provides a basic introduction to the concepts and standards used to build an effective preservation program and […]

Speaking at the AIC Annual Meeting 2015

Just wanted to let y’all know that I’m going to be speaking as a panelist for the Library Collections Care Discussion Group at this year’s AIC Annual Meeting, which is less than a month away from now! I’ll be chiming in about using social media (Twitter, Tumblr, etc) as a form of conservation outreach. This is very exciting because this will be my first time as a speaker at AIC! 🙂

Here’s the link to the panel: Let Me Help You Help Me: Outreach as Preventative Conservation

Unfortunately, it won’t be recorded (AIC hasn’t ever done that, at least that I know of), but there may be people live-tweeting the panel or blogging about it later. If you’re interested, keep an eye on AIC’s official blog Conservators Converse. I’m not sure what the hashtag is for this year’s meeting, but I’ll try to post it when I find out on Twitter. 

Anyway, I just want to say thanks for following me, everybody! I love telling you about what I do, and why it’s so important! 

So…any of you going to be at AIC this year? 

Free Preservation Week Webinars from ALA

conservethis: Join us in celebrating Preservation Week by attending this free webinar series! April 28th – Moving Image Preservation 101Sponsored by HF Group & George Blood, LP This presentation covers the basic composition and history of film and video technology, particularly as it relates to […]