Never back a book when you’re upset…

An overly backed book
An overly backed book

Wow, whoever originally backed this 19th century publisher’s binding should’ve really taken a moment to calm down and take a deep breath first before continuing. They really beat the heck out of it with the hammer!

Backing is  “the process of shaping a ridge or shoulder on each side of the spine of a text block prior to the application of the spine lining material.”

It was accomplished with the use of a backing hammer, while the book was held spine-up in a job backer (a special type of bookbinding press).

Conservation lab limericks

Here in the lab there’s no issues,
With using our tissues,
Except when you sneeze,
We ask you quite please,
Use the Kleenex and not the Sekishu!

There once was a company named Demco,
Whose products were used with a gusto,
On spines they would drape,
The most marvelous tape,
Removing its really quite slow, yo.

I work in a book-fixing lab,
this makes me think I’m quite fab,
it’s self-confidence I foster,
so to not think I’m an imposter,
“Preservation is awesome!” I’ll blab!