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Book Bindings on Jeopardy

Book Bindings on Jeopardy

While watching tonight’s episode of Jeopardy, I was super disappointed to discover that this category was really about book titles.

Pop-up book vampire dentistry

Pop-up book vampire dentistry

Sometimes being a book conservator means you have to do a little dental work on Dracula’s fangs.  This is a pop-up book that’s going into an upcoming exhibit in our library – unfortunately, one side of Dracula’s teeth had become detached and pushed back into […]

Library Book + Dog + Tape = Bad Idea

This was a book that was damaged by a dog, and “fixed” with packing tape by a patron.

And this is also why the staff at the library will often stress that patrons should not attempt their own repairs of library books. The “repair” often does more damage than helps, and won’t actually save you from being fined for a repair or replacement fee. This was so heavily damaged that we ended up withdrawing it, and probably just bought a new copy. But now it has a second life in my office as a great example of “what not to do”!

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Handled with care or roughly treated– books accept all kinds of love. (via likearegularbookworm) ಠ_ಠ LOVE YOUR BOOKS GENTLY, PEOPLE.

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book-historia: Had a bit of a splurge the other day at an auction… Not the little guy, the big guy! It’s a 17th century oak Bible box, and it looks an awful lot like my wee model of a chained book and lectern by Bryson […]

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Now THIS is a DIY book-reuse project I can support. 

1) It uses new, but unsaleable books that were probably going to be pulped anyway. 

2) It does not involve double-sided tape. 

3) It does not advocate the destruction of 19th century publisher’s bindings.

(via Reuse of books – Album on Imgur)

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uwmspeccoll: uwmarchives: While working through some images from our James Blair Murdoch Photographs, we noticed a familiar volume.  The 1936 photographs at the top show a woman at Milwaukee-Downer College cleaning a volume of 14th-17th century Italian choir music.  This same volume is now housed […]

Taming a tight binding | The Collation

Taming a tight binding | The Collation You know how some old bindings gently let a book stay open on its own, at a comfortable angle? And how other old bindings seem to willfully resist, taunting you by starting to close just as you get […]

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What tape does to paper. You can see my fingers through the tape, which has made the paper translucent.

Bookplate Poetry!

Bookplate poetry! #foundinlibraries #libraryrhyme and a binders ticket from E. Watts pic.twitter.com/e8lcFyaTug — eliza gilligan (@atthebench_cons) January 16, 2015