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Library Book + Dog + Tape = Bad Idea

This was a book that was damaged by a dog, and “fixed” with packing tape by a patron. And this is also why the staff at the library will often stress that patrons should not attempt their own repairs of library books. The “repair” often does […]

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Shrink wrapping fragile books in the basement of the library. #preservation (Source: https://vine.co/)

Put on yer gloves!


When you find out that water leaked from the ceiling INTO the Preservation lab:



Then you find out the water came from an overflowing toilet…


And that it’s happened before!


Everything’s all dried out, but the buckets are still all around the room, I think we’re all too grossed out to touch them. And maybe just a bit paranoid it’ll happen again soon. It’d be like tempting the fates…

Busted books born again : University of Hawaiʻi System News

Busted books born again : University of Hawaiʻi System News The University of Hawaii at Manoa Library’s book preservation lab restores an average of more than 2,000 books a year a year. Busted books born again from University of Hawai’i System on Vimeo.

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Proper tape removal etiquette requires the pinky finger to be extended.

5 Days of Preservation

I’m posting this on behalf of Kevin Driedger, who has a blog called Library Preservation 2

“You are invited to join me in on a little summer-time project.

The activities that fall under the umbrella of preservation are vast, growing, and often have characteristics specific to individuals and institutions. I am interested in getting a better picture of what this broadening landscape looks like, and I’m hoping others are too.

Therefore, to create this picture I am inviting all who are willing and able to take at least one picture each day during the week of July 14-18 of what preservation looks like for you that day. It could be copying files off floppy disks, repairing a book, participating in a meeting, attending to a leaky roof, inspecting film reels, showing off a new piece of equipment, or however preservation looks to you that day. The more specific to you and your institution the better. And then share these pictures on your preferred social media with the hashtag #5DaysOfPreservation (Twitter and Instagram would be the preferred sites for sharing these pics, but other are fine.)

We tend to communicate primarily in text but I think a visual project like this might reveal nuances and ideas about preservation that we don’t find in our emails and articles.

My hope is that over the week we will develop a collage of what preservation looks like in 2014. The more people that participate the more detailed and expansive the portrait we create.

I will do what I can to connect or gather together all these pics on my personal blog http://librarypreservation2.blogspot.com

In summary:
5 days (July 14-18)
5 pictures

Snarky marginalia in pencil

Marginalia from UCL’s copy of ‘The Return of Martin Guerre’: “If you are going to add banal comments do so in pencil” pic.twitter.com/Vt7h8ESSOC — Brooke S. Palmieri (@bspalmieri) June 10, 2014

Old Mother Hubbard Gets a Fancy New Cupboard

Old Mother Hubbard Gets a Fancy New Cupboard Not all books fit neatly on a shelf. Recently the Lab was asked to create enclosures to safely house a number of pop-ups by book artist Paul Johnson .

Low-cost collections care resources available via the Heritage Preservation Bookstore

Low-cost collections care resources available via the Heritage Preservation Bookstore

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Just another moldy Monday… This is our bookcart where moldy books go, before, during, and after they’re evaluated by me. We try to keep these items separated from other items in our processing room, for the safety of the other books as well as the […]