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Title: Papper Och Stygn

Author: Monica Langwe

Publisher: Hemslöjdens Förlag

Publication place:

Format: Book

OCLC number: 953566205

ISBN: 9789187471049

Date published:


Description from publisher's website: "In the book Paper and Stitches , the artist and bookbinder Monica Langwe shows a variety of models that you can now make yourself with the help of the book's instructive texts and clear sketches. Here are notebooks in the form of one-sheet and two-sheet staples, photo albums, cassettes and cloth-covered boxes for storage. Personal greeting cards and wired booklets where those interested in embroidery can experiment with different stitch combinations. Leather-bound diaries and Chinese sewing cases are projects that make slightly higher demands but make the book suitable for both beginners and more experienced.

Each project is described in both text and image and the clear step-by-step illustrations make you undoubtedly venture on even the more demanding projects. To further facilitate, there is a paper theory at the beginning of the book, which is supplemented with a number of paper samples at the back of the book. There you will also find a Swedish-English dictionary.

Paper is an easily accessible material, and whether you use fine handmade paper or decide to reuse old postcards, there are great opportunities for your own creation. No expensive special tools are required here - you can go a long way with a ruler, a blade blade and a needle and thread.

Paper and stitches were nominated for the Swedish Publishing Prize 2016 in the class Handbooks & teaching aids."


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