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If you love it, don’t laminate it!

If you love it, don’t laminate it!

Apparently our first university archivist/historian was a big fan of lamination. This just one of a couple hundred volumes containing some of our earliest university records and history that were meticulously laminated. I cannot accurately describe how aghast I must have looked while examining these. […]

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Who uses STAPLES to reattach the text block to the cover?!?!

Oh! I’m surprised I’ve not seen this before…but I suppose it was only a matter of time…

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malformalady: This gravestone marker is from the Goldfield Pioneer Cemetery in Goldfield, Nevada. It marks the grave of the “Unknown Library Paste Man” who was a starving vagrant who dug up a tub of library paste out of the trash and consumed enough to be a lethal […]

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conservethis: Do you want to play a game? Let’s play “Is it a blood or coffee stain?” >:) See also: 

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Do you want to play a game?

I want to play a game called: “Is it a blood or coffee stain?”


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Items used as bookmarks, including a garter and a strip of bacon ,1935 pic.twitter.com/AVVCnbohWd — ✍ Bibliophilia (@Libroantiguo) October 20, 2014

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So you know how you can tape things to other things by making a little loop of Scotch tape?

Turns out it’s not a very good way to repair books.

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Little Monday morning surprises found squashed in the margin of a book I’m resewing.