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I’d like to dissent with the view that you should let your book-devouring pets near your library books.

Bookplate Poetry!

Bookplate poetry! #foundinlibraries #libraryrhyme and a binders ticket from E. Watts pic.twitter.com/e8lcFyaTug — eliza gilligan (@atthebench_cons) January 16, 2015

The Mystery of the Wire Loop

The Mystery of the Wire Loop

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Books and other library materials all have archenemies. One of those just happens to be marking, highlighting, and dog-earing. How you ask? Well, just watch this video. And remember, book care, it’s good for everyone! (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

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What’s YOUR favorite video about safe handling of library and archival materials? I’m doing some research for a class I’m teaching next week, about just that! (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

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Someone folded up their library check-out receipt into a paper crane, and left it in the back of this book.

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Screenshot from our library catalog software, as I’m checking books back in after they’ve been repaired. Apparently, this book was quite delicious.

The Grinch-Conservator

The Grinch-Conservator However, if you are a library professional, and you are using library materials to build a book tree as a display in your library, then I am calling you out.  There are a million and one ways to decorate and share your festive holiday spirit (have you looked at Pinterest lately?!) without […]

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Railroad book with railroad ticket endpapers.

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Pages deliberately damaged in a book of Mapplethorpe photography. We made photocopies from our special collections copy and tipped them in to replace the missing pages in the circulating copy.