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One of the library staff found this book in the stacks and brought it to me to see if we should maybe put it somewhere safer (like Special Collections). It was published in 1798, and I’m pretty sure that’s the original binding, based on the […]

Taming a tight binding | The Collation

Taming a tight binding | The Collation You know how some old bindings gently let a book stay open on its own, at a comfortable angle? And how other old bindings seem to willfully resist, taunting you by starting to close just as you get […]

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Dissecting books this morning with conservator Robert Hauser. (Brown Univ.)

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Today in the lab: encapsulating some vintage Star Wars posters with our Minter ultrasonic welder. Ps encapsulation is NOT the same thing as lamination.

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arccarleton: Mr. Bean shows us how to NOT look at a rare book in special collections libraries. I’ll ALWAYS reblog this. I <3 Mr. Bean! (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

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Carefully opening a sealed commemorative box of Kellogg’s corn flakes in the conservation lab.

The emptied box will go live a happy life in one of our Archives collections.

No, I’m not going to taste the cereal… 😛

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Taking some initial notes for the pre-treatment documentation for this 1979 Millennium Falcon toy. Mostly it just needs a better box, but some of the decals are lifting or already detached, and may need to be re-adhered with an appropriate adhesive. Documentation is VERY important […]

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And now I have to test the DVD I am attempting to repair after it was resurfaced by our Azuradisc machine.  UPDATE! Unfortunately, even after several trips through the machine, our DVD copy of Boogie Nights was unable to perform on cue, so it will […]

Paper marbling vine

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What tape does to paper. You can see my fingers through the tape, which has made the paper translucent.